Skill Assessment

Let’s review your background to pull out the skills employers are looking for and include them on your resume.

Are You Listing Your Transferable Skills?

What are Transferable Skills?

Transferable skills are skills and abilities that are relevant and helpful across different areas of life and in different jobs. Employers often look for people who can demonstrate a good set of transferable skills.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOURS ON YOUR RESUME.

The good news is that you already have transferable skills – you’ve developed such skills and abilities throughout your life, at school, at home and in your social life, as well as through any experience in the work-place. 

It is important that you can identify and give examples of the transferable skills that you have developed – this will go a long way to persuading prospective employers that you are right for the job.

Employers are usually looking for abilities and qualities that they recognize to be present in the most effective employees. These soft skills, such as being able to communicate effectively in a variety of situations, showing initiative, creativity and integrity, and having a good work attitude, are valuable across all industries.

Have You Ever Used These Skills?

Written Communication

Verbal Communication

Interpersonal (with others)

Computer Software


Problem Solving


Time Management








Plan and Organize


Skill Assessment Exercise


Step 1: Download this worksheet or divide a sheet of paper into 3 columns. Review the list of skills above for skills you have used. In the first column list your skills. List at least 4.

Step 2: List all the occasions you have trained in or used that skill (at least 4 total bullets)

Step 3: Review your resume to see if there is evidence of the use of the skill on your resume


A Sample Skill Assessment For A Student With No Work Experience

1. Skills I Have

2. Where I Used or Gained That Skill

3. Evidence On Resume? (yes/no)

Computer Software (Microsoft Office)

  • Business Communication Course
  • CAD Course




Public Speaking

  • Presentations in Marketing Class
  • Campus Tour Guide


Interpersonal (Ability to work well with others)

  • Member of Band
  • Member of Soccer Team
  • Group project for Spanish Class
  • Volunteer Project for Service Learning


Plan and Organize

  • Coordinated trip for Senior Class
  • Planned activities as a camp counselor