Carolina Cluster Career Pathways Program


for 2020 Summer Tuition Awards

Deadline: Applications are due April 30, 2020 [ See Below for Application ]

Caroline Cluster Summer Tuition Awards cover a maximum of 3 hours of summer school tuition for online courses instructed by Benedict College, Claflin University, and Voorhees College.  Only a limited number of awards are available and preference will be given to seniors who need a course to graduate, or to students who have a compelling advisement issue that requires a summer course to be on track for graduation.

Whether the eligible ONLINE COURSES are provide by Voorhees College,  Claflin University or Benedict College, undergraduate students from all three Carolina Cluster schools of Benedict College, Voorhees College and Claflin University are able to participate.  Below is a list of the eligible courses.


Claflin University Online Summer 2020 Courses

Into to Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Social Psychology
Personality Theories
Death & Dying
English Composition I
English Composition II
Into to Literature
Public Speaking
Biology, Health & the Environment
Biology, Health & the Environment Lab
College Algebra
Integrated Math
Music Appreciation
Art Appreciation
Elementary Spanish I
Physical Science
Physical Science Lab
Intro to Sociology
Criminal Law
Into to Forensic Science
Personal and Community Health
Intro to Gender Studies
Intro to Criminal Justice
American Government
Marriage, Kinship & Family
Social Problems
Social Statistics
Statistical Analysis
Crime and Media
Professional Internship
Media Law & Ethics
International Business
Advanced Organizational Theory & Behavior
Human Resources Management
Business Finance
Elementary Spanish II
Intro to Philosophy
African American Heritage
Financial Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Business Research
Management Information Systems
Business Policy
Principles of Marketing
Principles of Management
Personal Finance
Survey of Economics
Business Statistics
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Major Black Writers
Men and Masculinities in Literature
Intro to Theater
Intro to Mass Communication
General Chemistry I

Benedict College Online Summer 2020 Courses

EC 130–Introduction to Economics
REL 120–Comparative Religion
FS 130–Elementary French
FS 233–Intermediate French
SP 130–Elementary Spanish
THE 220–Theater Appreciation
PSY 230–Introduction to Psychology
PSY 431–Abnormal Psychology
HE 230–Health Education

Voorhees College Online Summer 2020 Courses

ACT 213 A–Principles of Accounting
BA 230 A – Business Ethics
BA 338 A–Business Law
BIO 130 A–General Biology
BIO 130 A L–General Biology Lab
BIO 142 A–Botany
BIO 225 A–Human Ana
BIO 441 A–Cell Bio
BIO 442 A– Mic Bio
CD 304 A–Child, Fam & Com
CJ 435 A- Criminal Procedures
ECO 231 A – Principles of Eco
EDU 234 A – Human Growth
EM 220 A – Policy & Politi
FREN 131 A – Elem French
HSC 232 A – Com Health
HSC 331 A – Into to Nut
MATH 121 A – General Math
MATH 131 A – College Algebra
MATH 231 A – Pre Calculus
MATH 232 A – Pre-Cal II
MATH 331 A – Calculus I
MGT 331 A – Prin of Mag
MGT 332 A – Organ Beh
MKT 331 A – Prin of Market
REF 222 A – Team Sports
SM 231 A – Introduction to
SM 234 A – Sports Event PI
SOC 433 A – Pop Problems
SPAN 131 A – Elem Spanish I
SPCH 130 A – Into to Comm
SPCH 231 A – Public Speaking
SS 331 A – Soc Stats