Carolina Cluster Career Pathways Program: A 3-Pronged Approach

The Carolina Cluster Career Pathway Program is designed to prepare students for high-paying private and public sector occupations in the Carolinas and elsewhere.

It does so by providing guided pathways, curricular enhancements, and integrated co-curricular engagement.

This three-pronged approach is designed to shape an undergraduate experience that results in “Students Engaged to Learn” and “Graduates Ready to Earn”.  Learn more below.

Guided Pathways

This strategy involves placing student success at the center of institutional operations by engaging students in their learning journey and ensuring that they get on, stay, and graduate from an academic pathway that facilitates personal and professional growth.

Goal: Direct students’ choices and academic behaviors to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of credit accumulation and credential completion

Curricular Enhancements

This involves collaborative redesign of current curricula to streamline course and program offerings and embed 21st century competencies in students’ learning outcomes.

Goal: Equip students with applied knowledge, skills, and abilities the market demands

Integrated Co-Curricular Engagement

Integration of co-curricular activities to create a more robust student experience that increases students’ awareness, exposure, and skills development.

Goal: Increased integration of learning activities from outside the classroom with coursework that increase students’ skill development and competences